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Hello everyone and welcome to the blog of Team Guardian!
This amazing team has as leader the lovely author of this amazing story, Ally, otherwise knows with her nickname on as ChampagneAnyone or on twitter as AllyinPerth.
You can check out her profile if you go to this link:

Our team constitutes of some very lovely ladies!
Our twitter accounts are:

The story's url on is:
The story also has a thread on Twilighted Forums where we go and chat about our theories and let out some steam in order not to kill Edward!
We have to warn you, this story is angsty as hell!! It's intense, emotional, you're going to want to yell, scream, maybe throw things! But that is the beauty of it, you get sucked in with the beautiful writing, you are left always wondering how the plot will evolve and you are dying, just dying for the hotness that is Bella and Edward together!!


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