by ChampagneAnyone

Chapter 10: Favour Edward's Maserati Quattroporte

Gunmetal Grey

Is Edward telling the truth?

Hello Team Guardian
Thank you for your wonderful theories on the latest ch!

You all amaze me with your ability to see things and speculate... I am truly in awe of your detective skills!

I rarely comment on the story but a point came up in reviews that i would welcome the opportunity to clarify.

There is some scepticism regarding whether Edward has told Bella the truth about him and Tanya.

I can assure you that everything Edward explained to Bella on the balcony was true.

He went out on a couple of dates with Tanya when he first moved to Chicago.

He kissed Tanya once.

After his wake up call with Bella, he has not touched any woman other than Bella.

I love Jealousward and lets just say he will truly live up to his name.

Cheers Ally

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