by ChampagneAnyone

Introducing Demetri: A sneak peek into Guardian Chapter 10: Favour

Demetri Volturi, 29
Corporate Lawyer with Volturi & Associates
Personal Attorney to Ms Isabella Swan
Edward Cullen, 27
CEO of Cullen-Swan Law Firm


woot i love it
make Edward burn Demetri


God Ally why are you doing this to us? 2 hotties to drool over, OMG the photo of Edward is orgasmic, reading chapter 10 will be oh so very interesting!


God...Can I be Bella!?!?!?


I think we'll need to take turns of being Bella when chapter 10 comes! :P I don't think she will mind hehehehe! God *fans self* it's not healthy to have those two so close together...!!


If I had a wish, please let me Bella, just for a day...a very naughty, Bella Hat Trick Day!



Yes, I am fed-the-fuck-up with Doucheward and all the shitty mind games he's playing with Bella. So with that said, I hope Bella gets hers..... with Demetri.



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