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Wishes for Ally

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Ally I hope this finds you better and you'l be back to your old self soon. We miss you and your wonderful story. Be well, Love Lily


Ally,I'm praying for your full and quick recovery. Sending you gentle hugs and positive healing vibes.

Lots of love!

Jena @rkknitter on Twitter & Proud Member of TeamGuardian


I am praying for you daily! I hope all is OK and look forward to workining with you at TwiAwards site!



ally ..even if i didn't talk so much to you over the past few months i followed you on twitter and quickly discovered that you are such an amazing women, a special human being..i'm praying for you with all my heart..:) Love you
Alexandra ( romania) aka @romania_robsten


Ally I just read the update and I am so glad to see you are doing better. Take care and come visit soon on the forum, we've all missed you.


Dear Ally ,
I've only discovered your story today when it was recommended on RaoR. I believe your story is one of the best i've ever read...and believe me i've read a lot!!!Your Edward is soooo hot,your plot is so complex and so well written that i 've read it all this afternoon, i just couldn't stop...
I rarelly review but i couldn't resist, you're so gifted and i hope your health problems will get out of your life soon and only good things will be "in your way" !!!
Be well,update as soon as you're ready,we'll wait .Forgive my English...
Your new friend Maria from Greece.



I love your story and am so glad that you felt well enough to update recently. can't wait for the next chapter. Please know that your story is bringing a lot of joy to many fans across the globe.

Mel in Melbourne!


I really love your history. Be well please!

Silvia from Perú


Ally I hope you're doing great, miss ya bb!

Lots of love and best wishes from Venezuela :)



so I am out of the loop this blog is over a year old and the story is left in-complete. Hope all is well. It was a good read. Hope you are healthy and have a desire to write again.


I am simply beyond speechless, I discovered your story a while ago and was devastated upon hearing about your condition. I really hope you are ok and still have the desire to right which I'm sure without doubt you can with your amazing- there really is no words to describe your writing, I felt a range of emotions when reading your version of ed/bella and I have to commend you on your ability to integrate all the emotions in such a complex story line and master such precision with the characterisation that I really have to say its the best version I have read. I really hope you make a full recovery and I really am Hoping to hear from you soon. I hope you gain the motivation to finish this incredible piece of work which has captivated me and so many of your other fans.


Es una verdadera làstima que esta historia tan hermosa no haya podido ser concluìda. Por lo que entiendo la autora tiene problemas de salud y po esa razòn no existe una actualizaciòn desde 2010. Sòlo espero que ella se ecuentre mucho mejor y haya podido superar su enfermedad cualquiera que èsta sea.Con mis mejores deseos paa ella.


Just wondering if Ally is ok. It's been so long since she tweeted and her twitter pals are worried. If anyone with information knows, please let us know.


Ally, I hope you're better, I do not know their stories for so long, you're not on twitter, not updated their story in so long ... I hope you're right, walk for the cure, I know is a great fight, but you can.
I ask that you give news.
I have best wishes for you.
Kisses from Brazil.


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